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1950 Barrhead Central station demolished (2)
1951 The Inglis Report of the Glasgow and District Transport Committee for the British Transport Commission recommended widespread electrification, including the trans-Clyde ex-CGU link and Maryhill ex-NB line (SPT)
02.04.1951 Kelvin Valley Railway from Kilsyth to Maryhill closed to passengers (2)
02.04.1951 End of passenger services to Whiteinch Victoria Park (3)
02.05.1951 Bowling ex-L&D station closed
03.03.1952 Parkhead (ex-Caledonian) renamed Parkhead Stadium (2)
04.08.1952 Kelvinbridge ex-GCR station closed to passengers (3)
02.11.1953 Glasgow Green ex-GCR station closed (3)
01.1954 Possil (ex-Caledonian) station renamed Possil North
03.03.1954 Queen Street high level indicator board destroyed by banking engine! (2)
03.03.1954 Subway livery changed from red and cream to all red
20.09.1954 Bellahouston and Dumbreck stations (on the Paisley Canal line) closed
19.09.1955 Parkhead [North] ex-GCR station closed to passengers (2)
1956 Robroyston passenger station closed (2)
08.01.1956 Last Edinburgh - Queen Street service via Coatbridge Sunnyside and Bathgate (3)
06.1956 Colour signalling of Glasgow Central Railway with boxes at Bridgeton Cross and Stobcross; other boxes closed
11.1956 New signal box at Cowlairs, covering the area from Cowlairs to Cadder West
1958 Pinkston power station handed over to SSEB (the South of Scotland Electricity Board)
1958 Provan Gasworks (with 2'6" gauge railway) closed (2)
25.12.1958 First reduction of Glasgow passenger services on Christmas Day (2)
1959 Queen Street low level station remodelled
02.02.1959 Regular passenger services to Greenock Princes Pier from Kilmacolm ended (3)
15.06.1959 Partick Central (Ex-L&D) renamed Kelvin Hall (2)
06.07.1959 Salkeld Street parcels depot opened at the former G&SW Eglinton Street goods station (2)
03.08.1959 Anderston Cross and Stobcross ex-GCR stations closed (3)
14.09.1959 Clydebank East station (ex-NB) closed for passengers and goods (2)
04.11.1960 Last steam-hauled service (to Helensburgh) from Queen Street low level station
05.11.1960 North side electrification with the first Blue Train (Class 303) services (3)
06.11.1960 Crow Road ex-L&D station closed (2)
06.11.1960 Original Hyndland station closed to passenger traffic (2)
01.1961 Original Glasgow Central bridge over Clyde out of use (2)
02.01.1961 Glasgow Central (high level) approaches re-signalled, with the old 1908 electropneumatic power frame decommissioned
07.1961 Summerston yard (Kelvin Valley Railway) closed (2)
02.10.1961 Maryhill (ex-NB) station closed to passengers (2)
1962 St Rollox and Cowlairs Works became part of the BR Workshops Division
19.04.1962 Bankruptcy of the North British Locomotive Company declared
28.05.1962 Strathbungo station closed (2)
29.05.1962 South side electrification - Blue Trains (Class 303) started on the Cathcart Circle and to Neilston and Motherwell via Kirkhill (3)
06.08.1962 Buchanan Street goods station closed
02.09.1962 Last scheduled tram service in Glasgow from Dalmuir West to Auchenshuggle
04.09.1962 Special farewell tram service
05.11.1962 St Rollox station closed (2)
1963 Queen's Park, Atlas and Hyde Park Works of the North British Locomotive Company closed
20.07.1963 Ruchill Hospital branch closed (3)
06.01.1964 Queen Street goods station closed (2)
20.03.1964 End of services from Springburn to Singer Works (3)
07.09.1964 Cowlairs station closed to passengers (2)
07.09.1964 Balornock Junction - London Road section of ex-L&D(3)
03.10.1964 Dawsholm shed closed
05.10.1964 Rutherglen - Coatbridge passenger services ended (3)
05.10.1964 End of all passenger services on the ex-L&D and ex-GCR and closure of the remaining stations (3)
1965 End of steam from Queen Street
1965 Yoker, Whiteinch and Maryhill ex-Caledonian goods yards closed (2)
01.02.1965 Eglinton Street station closed (2)
01.03.1965 Paisley Abercorn - Cart Harbour closed to freight (2)
03.03.1965 End of goods traffic from Whiteinch Victoria Park (2)
07.1965 Muirend goods yard closed (2)
09.1965 Milngavie goods yard closed (2)
10.1965 Haghill Yard closed (2)
30.11.1965 Last boat train to Greenock Princes Pier (3)
1966 First [Glasgow] Central station bridge over the Clyde demolished (2)
1966 Cowlairs Works closed (possibly in 1968, not 1966)
14.02.1966 Cumberland Street station (originally G&SW Eglinton Street) closed completely (2)
14.02.1966 Shields Road (BR) station closed (2)
14.02.1966 Paisley West station closed (2)
22.02.1966 Partick - Maryhill - Possil line closed completely (3)
04.1966 End of goods facilities at Cowlairs station (2)
14.06.1966 Govan branch closed completely
27.06.1966 St Enoch Station closed to passengers; a new spur was opened between Shields Junction and Bellahouston to enable services to use Central station instead (3)
03.09.1966 Last official A4-hauled service from Buchanan Street (2)
29.09.1966 Greenock Princes Pier station closed to freight (3)
10.1966 Parkhead North goods yard closed (2)
11.1966 St Rollox MPD closed
07.11.1966 Buchanan Street station and the line to Sighthill East Junction closed (3)
1967 Class 311 EMUs introduced on services south of the Clyde (SPT)
1967 Robroyston yard closed (2)
1967 Anderston Cross station buildings demolished(Hume)
1967 Crow Road station building removed
? 1967 Shields depot opened
06.02.1967 Ibrox station closed (2)
29.04.1967 The last regular steam workings in Glasgow
01.05.1967 Polmadie MPD closed to steam (2)
08.05.1967 Singer Works platform closed
05.06.1967 Parcels traffic to St Enoch station ceased (2)
05.06.1967 Clyde coast electrification completed to Gourock and Wemyss Bay (2)
05.06.1967 Arkleston Junction-Renfrew Wharf passenger services ended (2)
05.06.1967 Paisley Abercorn station closed (2)
07.1967 End of livestock traffic to Bellgrove (2)
1968 Partick West station demolished
1968 Scotstoun East L&D station building demolished (Hume)
15.07.1968 Ex-Caledonian Queen's Dock branch from Kelvinhaugh Junction closed (3)
24.07.1968 Townhead/St Rollox West closed to goods traffic (3)
30.11.1968 Sighthill East Junction - Germiston Junction link closed (3)
1969 Original Charing Cross station booking office demolished (Hume)
? Kirklee bridge and station buildings removed
? 1969 Hyde Park Works of the North British Locomotive Company demolished (Hume)
1969 Kelvinbridge station building demolished following fire damage the previous year
1969 Singer Works station closed completely
1969 End of goods facilities at Maryhill (ex-NB)
31.03.1969 Port Dundas East branch closed to public goods traffic (2)
1970 Line from Ibrox to Princes Dock closed (2)
22.03.1970 Botanic Gardens station building destroyed by fire
1971 Corkerhill Railway Village demolished
1971 Bridge Street station building of 1841 demolished (2)
25.09.1972 Craigendoran Pier closed
22.10.1972 Glasgow Central powerbox updated
1973 Updating of passenger facilities at Queen Street station
01.06.1973 Greater Glasgow PTE created
06.05.1974 West Coast electrification to Glasgow Central formally completed (though electric hauled trains used the line before this) (3)
21.04.1976 Pollokshields East station building burned down
1977 Glasgow Cross station building demolished (2)
1977 Glasgow and Renfrew District Railway closed except for Cardonald - Deanside Transit section (2)
21.05.1977 Subway closed for modernisation
11.1977 St Enoch station demolished, with the rubble tipped into Queen's Dock
23.10.1978 End of Yoker - Partick Central line (as goods siding) (2)
? 1979 Maryhill Shopping Centre built, with space for underground station
? 1979 Atlas Works of the North British Locomotive Company demolished
19.03.1979 Port Dundas East branch closed completely (having recently served only a coal merchant) (2)
16.04.1979 7 killed in head-on crash at Paisley; signal passed at danger
05.11.1979 "Argyle Line" low level route reopened for public services, electrified (a new section of line was built for eastbound traffic at Yorkhill) (3) with Class 314 EMUs
05.11.1979 Bridgeton Central station closed (2)
12.1979 Iron ore workings from General Terminus ended (2)
17.12.1979 Partickhill station closed and Partick interchange station opened (3)
1980s Gallowgate Central station building demolished
1980 Ex-L&D plate girder bridge at Lambhill over the ex-NB line removed
16.04.1980 The Underground, previously known as the Subway, reopened after modernisation, with a fixed adult fare of 20p (3)
21.09.1980 Bellgrove station building destroyed by arson (2)
10.1980 Maryhill signal box burned down (2)
10.1980 Maryhill - Anniesland chord out of use
12.1980 GGPTE became Strathclyde PTE
05.01.1981 Arkleston Junction - Sandyford Halt (Renfrew) closed completely (2)
05.1981 Freight line to Linwood closed (2)
10.08.1981 Haghill Junction - Parkhead spur closed (2)
05.10.1981 Sighthill depot closed (2)
02.1982 Last freight service between Airdrie and Bathgate
1983 Modernisation of Glasgow Central passenger facilities (2)
1983 Abandonment of ex-L&D trackbed between Partick and Possil
10.01.1983 Paisley Canal and Kilmacolm services ended (3)
05.1983 Newton - Carmyle ex-GCR line closed completely (2)
01.1984 London Road goods yard closed (2)
01.1984 End of freight traffic to East Kilbride (2)
23.01.1984 Goods services to Paisley canal ended (2)
10.1984 Corkerhill became an EMU depot (2)
10.11.1984 Line from Hawkhead through Paisley Canal to Elderslie closed completely (2)
1985 SPTE orange and black livery introduced
05.1985 New train indicator unveiled at Glasgow Central (2)
1986 Finnieston station renamed Exhibition Centre (2)
03.1986 End of services over ex-L&D to Old Kilpatrick Naval Fuel Depot (2)
28.09.1986 Last train from Balloch Pier
29.09.1986 Electrification to Ayr completed (2) and Class 318 EMUs introduced (SPT)
1987 "Strathclyde Rail Review" (2)
01.06.1987 Bridgeton Central EMU depot closed (2)
23.06.1987 Hyndland EMU depot (on branch) closed (2)
1987 End of use of St Rollox Works by BREL
08.1987 End of services over L&D to Arnott Young Shipbreakers, Dalmuir (2)
24.04.1988 New Balloch station opened, with the level crossing removed and the old station building being retained as a Tourist Information Centre
07.1989 North Side resignalling, with old signal boxes demolished and Yoker IECC brought into use
1989 Bridge over Springburn Road originally carrying the Port Dundas mineral line removed to allow road improvements
1989 SPTE consultation document "Public transport for the 21st century" raised the possibility of LRT in Glasgow (2)
03.1989 Fatal crash at the single lead junction at Bellgrove; signal passed at danger
1990 SPTE development study rejected the need for any extension to the Underground
1990 Class 320 EMUs introduced on north Clyde services (SPT)
28.07.1990 Paisley Canal route reopened (2)
21.07.1991 2 drivers and 2 passengers killed in crash at Newton; signal passed at danger
1992 8 new trailer cars acquired for the Underground (SPT)
10.1992 Eastfield Depot closed (2)
1993 Finnieston ex-NB station building destroyed by fire (2)
04.10.1993 Rutherglen - Whifflet passenger services restored (2)
11.1993 Railways Act authorising sell-off of railways
06.12.1993 Queen Street - Cowlairs - Maryhill passenger services restored
? 1994 StrathClyde Tram proposal publicised
? 1994 Crossrail proposal publicised
01.04.1994 Railtrack assumed ownership of the rail infrastructure
09.12.1994 River Kelvin flooded, after which the Argyle Line was closed for 9 months
1995 Public enquiry into the StrathClyde Tram proposal (SPT)
1996 SPT crimson lake and cream livery adopted after a trial of a blue livery
20.05.1996 Railtrack privatised
1997 Partickhill station building and goods shed demolished and yard closed
01.04.1997 National Express Group plc granted the franchise to operate the ScotRail services, including the Anglo-Scottish sleepers
01.06.1997 Commencement of Sunday services to Milngavie and Kilmarnock
27.07.1997 Commencement of Sunday service to Lenzie
13.02.1998 Last mail train from Glasgow Central station (Travelling Post Office to Cardiff)
04.1998 Order placed with Alstom for 40 3-car Juniper EMU sets to be used in SPT area (SPT)
05.1998 White Paper outlining proposals for devolved operation of new Strategic Rail Authority in Scotland
12.1998 Resignalling in the Cowlairs - Cumbernauld area, with semaphores decommissioned
07.02.1999 Redundant Cowlairs signal box demolished
29.07.2000 Last class 101 DMU services from Glasgow Central
03.04.2001 Class 334 EMUs enter service for SPT between Glasgow Central and Gourock
30.12.2002 Last public run of class 303 "Blue Trains" (from Bellgrove to Helensburgh)
05.12.2004 Eastfield depot reopened
26.09.2005 Passenger services reintroduced between Maryhill and Anniesland with new station Kelvindale

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Appendix 1

Railway companies
BRBritish Rail
C&DCaledonian and Dumbartonshire Railway
CGUCity of Glasgow Union Railway
CRCaledonian Railway
E&GEdinburgh and Glasgow Railway
GC&DGlasgow City and District Railway
GCRGlasgow Central Railway
GD&HGlasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway
GGPTEGreater Glasgow Passenger Transport Executive
GP&GGlasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway
G&PJGlasgow and Paisley Joint Line Committee of the GP&G and the GPK&A
GPK&AGlasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway
G&SWGlasgow and South Western Railway
L&DLanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
LMSLondon Midland and Scottish Railway
LNERLondon and North Eastern Railway
NBNorth British Railway
Strathclyde Passenger Transport
Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive

Appendix 2

List of photographs of Glasgow locations